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In today’s wired environment, you just can’t afford to have even minutest of networking issues.

Fact of the matter is that you’ll want yourself to be connected to your local intranet and internet all the time to receive updates.

In addition, with ever expanding features in mobile handsets and proliferation of connected devices, you need to have everything connected to your system and synced.

However, it can be really stressful to setup those networking settings and invisible wireless connections. Fixing up your networking cables and configuring routers is not a straightforward task either and can frustrate you.

How we can help

Support Plaza team can help you setup your network over phone and make it run in a smooth and efficient manner.
Our team can also help you connect to your intranet and internet. We can also help you setup remote access etc. The best part is that we can diagnose your networking issues for possible errors as well as close security loopholes.
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Some of the tasks we perform on a regular basis are mentioned below:

  • Linking up multiple computer.
  • Setting up and configuration of your routers.
  • Setup of home network
  • Setting up ethernet
  • Backing up systems
  • Firewall access settings
  • Secured wifi settings
  • Wireless access setup
  • Universal plug and play
  • DNS and gateway settings
  • Security and access code setup
  • Gaming network setup
  • Home entertainment setup
  • Setup of home Camera Security System

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