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Optimizing your PC from Support Plaza

Over time, old files get left behind on your hard drive and all the adding and removing of software leaves a buildup of quite a few unnecessary files.
All these factors reduce the efficiency of your computer, which means you don’t get the output and performance that your computer should provide.

Your Computer will work like new
Support Plaza tech experts speed up and optimize your computer by removing junk files, fixing Registry errors, defragmenting the hard disk, etc.

Optimize start-up and shutdown
By removing unwanted files that reduce your computer’s start-up and shutdown time and you will find that applications run better once we clean up and optimize our device.

Performance Matters
The technicians will delete unwanted files and remove unnecessary background processes to get the best out of the hardware and software.

Update Software and Drivers
Outdated/corrupted applications or drivers can slow down your computer. Let our technicians download the latest versions and update them for optimum performance.

Diagnose performance problems and provide solutions for

  • Optimize start-up and shutdown
  • Clean up menu, quick launch and taskbar shortcuts
  • Remove unwanted programs and trialware
  • Clean up registry and temporary files
  • Install critical system updates

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