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At Support Plaza, we offer you the top notch technical support for your Toshiba computers. Our team of  technicians assist you in resolving all your problems regarding your Toshiba computers in the best possible way.

It is worthwhile mentioning that right from the installation of new softwares to the troubleshooting of software errors, we generally cover all the bases.

We provide technical support and help for a wide array of Toshiba Products. Details of our Services are mentioned below:

For Notebooks & Netbooks

  • Support for Toshiba Satellite®.
  • Support for Toshiba Qosmio®.
  • Support for Toshiba Mini Notebooks.
  • Support for Toshiba Portégé®.
  • Support for Support for Toshiba Satellite Pro®.
  • Support for Tecra® Mainstream Laptops.
  • Support for Toshiba Customizable Laptops.
  • Support for Toshiba Laptop Accessories.

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For All-In-One Desktops

  • Toshiba All-In-One DX 1210 Support

For Toshiba Peripherals

  • Support for Toshiba Printers
  • Support for Toshiba Mice & Keyboards

Keeping aside the above mentioned, we also offer technical support for all Toshiba drivers used in Toshiba notebooks, netbooks, desktops and different Toshiba peripherals.

Scope of Support

  • Non stop technical support from expert professionals at price that you can easily afford
  • Best and straightforward online technical support for all Toshiba computers and printers
  • Anytime access to expert technicians through internet
  • Diagnosis and troubleshooting software related problems
  • Then there is customization of Toshiba laptop softwares as per your requirement

We offer a comprehensive package of Technical support services for Toshiba computers and peripherals, which consists of:

  • Technical support for all Toshiba desktops and Toshiba notebook models
  • Support and help for the setup, configuration and installation of Toshiba computers
  • Diagnosis and repair of Toshiba computers and peripherals
  • Troubleshooting software errors in addition to the driver compatibility issues in Toshiba computers
  • Support for installing latest software updates in Toshiba computers

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