How it works

Technical service that counts
As one of the fastest growing technical service providers across US, UK and Australia, Support Plaza offers solutions pertaining to personal computers & related accessories to consumers and small businesses. With a dedicated team and trained professionals, Support Plaza is able to provide services beyond expectations to each and every consumer.

Being an international tech support service provider based out of the US, Support Plaza supports all transactions in the US Dollar, a universal currency that is acceptable to businesses across the globe, whether big or small. This enables Support Plaza to have a greater reach and serve more clients all over the world.

How it works?

  • Consumer places a phone call or initiates a chat or send a service request
  • A tech support expert gets back to the customer within the allocated time to understand the problem
  • Then the expert proceeds to offer solutions either on phone or by remotely accessing the system with the owner’s permission
  • Issue is identified and resolved in the shortest time

A phone call is all that is needed
A phone call to Support Plaza ensures that the consumers and businesses can rest assured that all their issues related to computers and peripherals shall be resolved and kept at bay for a long time. The tech services and assistance provided by the tech support specialists is unparalleled and guarantees quick response to customer issues and quicker resolution. The tech support experts are trained to handle all sorts of issues and can offer solutions that are value for money and offer peace of mind when it comes to using the PC and its accessories.

Network tech support is also offered by Support Plaza which covers installation and troubleshooting of modems and routers to ensure connectivity to the internet and also in a closed network. The total coverage offered by Support Plaza includes more than 100 software and hardware devices.

Round the clock assistance to cater to consumers in need
The tech support offered by a team of tech experts works on a proprietary global Delivery Platform for optimized performance. This ensures that the customers get the right kind of assistance, anytime, anyplace.
Consumer segments covered under tech support policy .

  • Individuals
  • Digital Homes
  • Small Businesses
  • Small Offices & Home Offices